Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

Who we are?

While SAP is the best technology to power your business, customizing your infrastructure requires an expert. We are that expert.

What we do?

We help you migrate to SAP, extend the functionality of existing SAP and integrate it with your legacy systems.

About our online store

Multicodes aims to provide clients with tools and services to achieve their business objectives. We help our customers meet challenges faced by global organisations of all sizes and industries worldwide. We as a trusted SAP partner cover a wide range of capabilities and industry experience in order to offer a customized solution for every client. It all started when we have founded in 2015 as Multicodes Services. Pty. Ltd.

From years and years of consulting experiences on real projects, the hands-on-essentials contents have been focused on and organized in implementing SAP services courseware with specific attributes and relevant topics. In October 2019, our team decided that it had grown more and more challenging to manage both the consulting side and the data entry & digital marketing service side of things as we grew larger. That’s when we had an idea: what if one could combine both companies’ expertise properly? – Multicodes Services gained in strength!!

Hitesh Soni

Founder & CEO

Hitesh is the founder and CEO of Multicodes Services. His passion for technology inspired him to create this tech-based agency. He believes that modern technology and ERP solutions can help resolve complex business challenges and processes. Furthermore, he has a passion for digital marketing and believes in digital transformation. At Multicodes, his team looks up to his productivity and smarts.