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Web Development Services

Multicodes is an well established company in the industry. We provide end to end web development services, website design, website development. Now, the best part is we work on the all the platform and languages to make your business meet their goals.
Our team understands the requirement of the client and show their creative skills which always comes out of the box to impress and satisfy.
We always do a pre development research and blueprint sketches, using all the latest technologies to come up with the great outcome.
Our Expertise are in PHP, CakePHP, Symfony, Laravel,, AngularJS, NodeJS.
Our experts make the custom web development as well in multiple platforms and several languages. We go through a incredible well designed wordflow to make sure the quality meets according to the expectations.

Our Web Development Services Involves

  • Comprehensive E-commerce Development
  • Dynamic Responsive Websites
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Joomla Web Development
  • Drupal Web Development
  • Magnet Web Development
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Business ERP Development
  • Open Source Web Development
  • Slicing with Javascript, Jquery, CSS3, HTML5
  • Website Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Soothing and Eye Catchy Graphics

Why are we considered as best Web Development Company

  • Highly Professional and skilled Developers
  • Dedicated Support team always there to assist your queries
  • SEO friendly coding, no hiccups to rank
  • Marvellous web development in the industry
  • On time delivery with Quality as you are looking for.
  • Web Development services at Affordable prices

Our developer team having great experience in developing multiple sites, simple to dynamic. Our developers are capable enough to add any extreme features to the website with an ease. All the custom requirement are being followed with a certain process to achieve the final result.
Apart from that we are known as a best web development company because the delivery is on time, with great support. Our developers make sure that the coding goes well and which should not create any issue going further unlike others.

Node.JS Development Services

The byproduct of javascript technology, Node JS is used everwhere today. Node JS has become one of the most wanted JS technologies for any web and mobile application development platforms. The native runtime environment enables this technology run on all operating systems and makes compatible with other technologies. We, at Multicodes are proficient developers utilizing Node JS framework into your business requirement to make the high quality applications for web, mobile and network. Our talented and passionate programmers love to work on Node JS to bring the best output out to the given specification.

Our Node JS development services

  • High quality network applications
  • Realtime web socket programming
  • Simple AJAX and JSON communicaitons
  • Rich web and mobile applications
  • Highly event driven applications
  • Cost effective network applications
  • Heavy I/O bound applications with functional characteristics
  • Custom Node JS solutions according to your business requirement
  • Extremely faster performance application development
  • No compromise on quality and functionality
  • Highly salable web application frameworks
  • Real-time client-server Web Socket application development

AngularJS Development Services

Enhancing the features of HTML, AngularJS helps to buiuld interactive and dynamic user interfaces of websites and mobile applications. At Multicoxdes, we provide reliable AngularJS development services that fits perfectly to your business requirement. Our full stack JS developers understand the prominence of interactive web and mobile applications well. Be it a small, medium or large scale business requirement, our developers love to take challenges in delivering the robust and salable solutions in specified time. Hire our developers and get your mobile web application be delivered with all the functionality required.

Our AngularJS development services highlights:
  • Fully experienced JS fullstack developers
  • Step-by- step approach
  • Interactive web and mobile application development
  • Integration with different remote data resources
  • Fully responsive to different devices
  • Fully functional on any screen size
  • Quicker application development
  • Fully extensible and works well with other libraries
  • Utilises simple JavaScript objects to simplify testing, maintenance and reuse
  • No overlapping or conflicting programming
  • Extends features to HTML

Python Development Services

Python framework makes it easy for developers to resue the code components and structure the project well. Developers with knowledge about python can build and maintain the application easily. If you are looking for highly flexible and integratable applications to existing applications, Python is a perfect choice. At Multicodes, we develop dynamic web,desktop and websites using phython’s interative ability. We use extensive use of python frameworks Django, Pyramid, Flask, web2py and various IDEs Net Beans, PyCharm,PyScripter in our development. Our developers are well experienced in object oriented programming and it makes it easy for them to leverage the structuring and moduling of the projects in no time.

Our Python development services highlights:
  • Development of custom GUIs using Python’s GUI libraries
  • Database development and analysis solutions using Python
  • Console, mobile, desktop, VR/AR and web browser based game development using Python game development frameworks
  • Development of data-heavy and cross-platform applications
  • Custom content management, ERP, CRM, financial services and prototyping applications
  • Highly flexible and dynamic programming
  • Highly skilled and expereicned developers to understand your requirements

PHP Development Services

Multicodes is expertised in developing custom PHP solutions in the form of websites and web applications. Our experienced PHP developers are proficient in various PHP frameworks and services. We have super talented and highly skilled teams dedicated to the custom PHP development who are assigned to bring you the best solutions for your personal or business requirement. Our PHP devlopment solutions are cost effective, scalable and independent thus enabling the e-commerce and highly responsive websites possible at your reach within your requirement.
Our code PHP development services include:
  • Dynamic, feature-rich and unique websites and applications
  • Custom PHP application development according to your requirement
  • Custom PHP scalable programming and optimized scripting
  • Migration of existing application and porting
  • Responsive PHP development with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap
  • Migration of existing Perl application to PHP
  • Migration of existing Python application to PHP
  • Migration of existing ASP.NET application to PHP
  • Custom content management system development
  • Custom document management system development
  • Responsive web development with PHP Frameworks
  • PHP consulting services
  • Existing application support and maintenance
  • PHP web application QA testing services

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