Multicodes IT Solution PTY LTD Company, owing to the main head office in Australia with branches all over the world, our branches are in the UK, New Zealand, and India currently. Multicodes IT Solution based company was established on the technical and creative success to grow into the largest E-commerce platform in Australia and globally, joining hands with buyers and sellers to come on one platform and relish.

Initially, it was established to turn the local business into a complete virtual platform to extend the presence Australia wide from Adelaide city. We created multiple online stores and accomplished great outcomes. October 2020 is the month, we are going Globally by adding more countries to our list.

The Multicodes is adherent to four basic principles: customer compulsion rather than focusing on the competitors, devotion to innovate and excel, excellent operational services, and long-term contemplation.

We strive to build a conclusive impact on the customer, employees, small to large businesses, the economy, and society. People behind the brains of MultiCodes are passionate with diverse backgrounds and goals, who share a common thought process by inventing and learning for improved customer service.

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