Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

Every business whether it is online or offline has an urge to be successful. And Digital marketing is the only way to make the product reach better to the wider audience and its proven from several years. Apart from having better reach, its cost effective too. In other words Digital Marketing is the better way of effective promotions.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

It won’t be any rocket science to understand that, search engine traffic tends to get more relevant audience to your website. Hence you can shows your built product , tools to the right audience, resulting more leads and sales.

But, does your web pages ranking on the search engines first page to meet more eyeballs. It’s too competitive as there are thousand of web pages made every day on any of the particular search term, but not all those can bee seen in the first page of SERP’s. Our experienced SEO professional knows the way to bring the webpages up understanding the Search Engine algorithm. There are several aspects involves in it, and could be done efficiently by the professional with ease. We offer quality in a affordable prices.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays every business relies on the social Media. As social media is absolutely free for the users and hangs out all the time. This is what businesses gets attract to present their product to the larger audience with very minimum effort and cost.

But, at the same time as the audience is quite larger, it quite easy for small business or startups to be hidden in the shadows. Social Media Marketing should be done effectively to get better engagement and driving traffic. Our team is experienced and knows better how social Media works your brand reach.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing with us
  • Increase the Website Traffic
  • Better Post Engagement
  • Better Site Conversions
  • Video Promotions
  • Creating brand through Social Media Pages and more


Any business without a proper brand could not succeed and reach the heights. Branding is powerful as it increase the trust towards it. Hence, increase in getting better leads and sales. Experts in our team and well versed with the overall scenario of branding the product or name through the multiple social channels.

Search Engine Marketing

To grow your business successful and effective in this huge competitive industry, Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is the way to go with. It is one of the way to put your webpages right at the top in the SEarch engines by paying for Advertisements. But, is that simple, as many other business on the same niche are selling the same kind of products as yours. Hence there are lot of strategies are involved into this by understanding the market properly and going for the best.

PPC(Pay Per click)

PPC is the term which is being most used by the internet marketers. Creating PPC campaigns is one of the way to meet the business goals. From Google AdWords to Facebook advertisements, we enable our customers to achieve their purchasers on the paid stages that are best. Throughout the years we have overseen a large number of dollars of PPC spending plan and we've realized what makes an extraordinary connection between a customer and the business.

Generally,when heard PPC term people just think, they need to create a campaign through tht Google Adwords or any other program and set a particular budget to it and money will flow. But, unfortunately end up with no result. Even PPC requires a lot of effort. Without doing the market analysis and understand the competitors a PPC campaign can not be successful at all. A proper keyword research plays the role there. Our PPC experts knows their job well and capable able to drive traffic to the customer website and get more leads

Why Choose Use for Digital Marketing Services
  • Experienced Digital Marketers and SEO Professionals in the team
  • We rank pages quickly with only White Hat SEO strategies
  • On time delivery (Or Complete Refund)
  • We believe in execution
  • Digital Marketing Services at affordable prices.
  • We are packed with the professional Digital Players. They are been in the industry for along time and able to provide value to hundreds of clients despite of being in the competitive niche. Drp us an email to get your website free analysis and quotation.

App Store Optimization Services

App store optimization is very important to push up your app rankings in the app store. The best way to get new leads is through crawing up in th etop apps list in the app stores. We know how to make it thappen. Our skilled digital marketing experts will take care of the process and take necessary actions to keep your apps on top in the category. Our talented developers constantly work on the updates of the application from the user feedback and implement the same from time-to- time. We, at, Multicodes have specially trained teams to work on the keyword research to help the app crawl up in the app store rankings.
Our App Store Optimization services highlights:
  • App code optimization according to the app store algorithms
  • Keyword research and listing optimization from time-to- time
  • Handles competition skillfully
  • Regular analytics and reporting
  • Performance driven approach for better results
  • Maximum localization
  • App on-site optimization
  • User engagement for better crawls-ups
Multicodes have industry experienced digital marketers to run email campaigns aiming for best conversion rates. Email marketing is still a best strategy to get leads and drive users to your business websites. Our digital marketing craftsmen are experienced in writing the attractive emails to the subscribers and targeted customers. They have pounding track record of high rate conversions in their work experience. They have super knowledge about the customer’s behavior based on the time and day. Hire us to get high ROIs in email campaigning for your marketing and other business goals.
Our email marketing services highlights:
    • Smart email campaigns for better conversion rates
    • Tiemly email campaigns for events
    • Specialized newletter campaigns
    • Email tracking and action analytics
    • Beautiful and responsive emails
    • Pre-designing email templates for future events and newsletters
    • Anti-spam maintenance and control
    • Thriving sales through email marketing
    • Click-to- action emails for quick lead generation and conversion
    • Cost effective
    • Constant reporting
    • 24x7 support