We Provide End-to-End ePublishing Services

Our services cover all aspects of ePublishing, such as typesetting, proofreading, indexing, and production.

ePublishing Services

Multicodes provides content services to all stages of the content lifecycle, from producing content that’s well-written and informative, to adding graphics, video and audio. We provide a publishing service for distinguished publishers and organizations from around the world.

Have you ever considered publishing a book? If yes, we are the publisher for you. With over a decade of experience helping content creators, we offer not only book publishing services, but also eBook publishing services in all formats. Let us help you publish your books at a high quality.

Our team is able to typeset books in lots of different languages. Our experts are adept at handling even the most complicated pre-press and typography projects related to technical, medical, educational, and scientific books.

Multicodes uses tried-and-true methods to convert millions of pages and has become a popular partner among publishers.

Technology is the key to successful eBook production

It is crucial that technology is used correctly and that it is used in a manner that results in quality deliverables on time. As a result of utilizing proven IT infrastructure, tools, technology, and processes, Multicodes has been able to deliver quality results each time.

ePublishing Services & Solutions

  • eBook Production
  • eLearning Services
  • Project Management
  • STM Journals Publishing
  • Pre-press and Typesetting
  • Indexing

eBook Production Services

We produce Interactive eBooks with HTML5 & ePub3, Enhanced eBooks with rich multi-media features such as audio, video, animation, etc., eBook formatting and conversion (ePub, ePub3, iBooks Author, KF8), Asset Research, Media Rights & Permissions, Flash to HTML5 Conversion, Digital Learning Media, etc.

Utilizing our extensive experience of delivering eBook conversion services for over a decade, we have built our own in-house processes, enabling us to easily and efficiently repurposing content in both reflowable and fixed layout ePub file formats. Many well-known children’s book and textbook publishers have partnered with us for developing vanilla eBooks, enhanced eBooks and other digital content having interactive elements.

STM Journals Conversion Services

Data-Entry-India.com can help STM publishers in the conversion of journals or magazines into SGML, XML and HTML format. These formats are ratified on the basis of Document Type Definition (DTD) as required by you. Our team of experts have rich experience in converting science and medical journals in PubMed, DocBook, S1000D formats, etc., by using cutting-edge tools and technology developed primarily for providing content in ready to publish file formats.

eLearning Services

Data-Entry-India.com specializes in providing customized eLearning solutions according to your requirements. We have a resource pool of highly talented professionals who can help you in designing, developing and delivering interactive eLearning solutions. Our team is composed of highly experienced and skilled instructional designers, creative artists, content developers, etc.

Typesetting & Pre-press Services

With our extensive resource pool of experienced, talented typesetters, book designers and quality control experts, we can make sure that content is ready to be published. Our proofreaders check the copy for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation, and syntax errors before publication to give it a professional look and feel.

ePublishing Project Management

Multicodes has a team of professionals who are experts in using cutting-edge technology to provide digital publishing solutions that meet your needs. We thrive on delivering quality services and sustent high standards across the board. We have a proactive culture, which helps identify and resolve potential problems much sooner in the project lifecycle.

Get in Touch With Us

Working with Data Entry India is simple and straightforward. We leverage enterprise-grade technology with the expertise of our ePublishing professionals to produce top-quality customized services at a competitive price. Hit us up today at support@multicodes.com.au to learn more about how we can help your company meet the needs of customers quicker, cheaper, and better than ever before.