SAP on AWS: SAP Cloud Infrastructure

Make the most of your SAP investment by maximizing its value and flexibility

What is AWS in SAP?

With SAP HANA, you can perform high-performance analytics and real-time data processing on a relational database and application platform that runs in memory. For SAP HANA on AWS, SAP customers and partners have access to a SAP-certified cloud infrastructure.

Why Migrate SAP to AWS?

Migrating your architecture to AWS can offer a scalable, future-proof business that can grow with the needs of your business and support innovation in the long term.

Multicodes is your SAP S/4HANA implementation partner. Our team provides organizations with agile solutions that help them shift to cloud-first strategies while minimizing disruption.

SAP is a software and technology company that offers services fueled by innovative tools. We work to provide end-to-end implementations of SAP on AWS, which are more scalable and cheaper than a traditional data centre. The benefits of this model include fewer databases, flexibility in reporting, and enhanced scalability.

IT leaders must make strategic decisions regarding migration and provider selection when it comes to SAP workloads.

Benefits of Using AWS for SAP


Reduced Offset Migration Costs

Take advantage of the latest SAP technology to reduce SAP’s total cost of ownership today and in the future. There will never be a better time to upgrade your infrastructure.


Innovate Your Business

AWS will help modernize your business process and provide you with new products for customers to interact with.


Most Reliable Platform

SAP system reliability can be dramatically improved by running in the world’s most secure and reliable infrastructure.


Unwavering Security

Simplify compliance, automate routine security tasks, and strengthen your security posture.



By automating operations and deployments, you can focus resources on valuable activities and deliver consistent results.

Why Us for SAP on AWS?

Reduced Capex

With SAP and Amazon Web Services, you can achieve scalability, TCO savings, and lower CapEx. You will also get the competitive edge your enterprise needs.

Business Agility

Businesses need the expertise to help resolve the complexities of AWS cloud implementation, and they want support to accelerate the implementation. Our experts in SAP provide that need and keep businesses moving.

Enhanced Security

So far, we have successfully assisted clients by migrating their SAP systems to AWS and providing a secure migration strategy.

Experts Data and Analytics

SAP S/4HANA on AWS will help your company to scale operations, be on the frontier of innovation, optimize workloads on AWS, and gain real-time business insights.

Work with Industry Experts

We use AWS to efficiently provide implementation and support for SAP. Our team is comprised of highly-experienced SAP experts, who will help to reduce the project risk and speed up your migration journey.


Multicodes has very high levels of compliance, so that you don’t have to worry about this issue as a customer. Multicodes uses cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services as a way of making things more efficient and simple in their operations.